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A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 5 - What is Reality

Jody Weiss

Perhaps you know that reality does not exist outside of us. It exists entirely in the way our brain interprets neuro signals. To start with, 80% of our understanding of reality comes through the way in which visual information is converted into neural impulses. This is done by the 125 million + receptors in each eye. Yes, I did say 125 million receptors in each eye or 250 million receptors all together! Then these impulses are relayed through the optic nerve into the brain which creates mental impressions of what is "outside". So what happens if any one of these systems goes haywire? And what about brain chemistry? Isn't it true that reality changes if one's brain chemistry is off? I always wonder if I will wake up tomorrow with the same view of reality as yesterday… This is how beautiful and fragile this system called "life" is and it asks for enormous open-mindedness as it becomes very clear that no two people will ever have the same reality. There are 7 billion people on the planet and each of our view of reality is as different as snow flakes falling from the sky.