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A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 4 - Quieting The Ego

Jody Weiss

I spoke with my friend Greg Wendt last night who introduced me to his friend and business associate, Eric. Greg and Eric are engaged in an extremely beautiful experiment. They are working on some projects together and the process in which they interact is as or more important than the outcome. So, if they or the other people on their team feel any resistance from any one else, they will stop and process together until the issue is resolved. This, they say, frees up energy flow and impact enormously. Egos quiet down, self doubt and stress melts away, etc. And, from a purely cellular, energetic perspective I can see how taking the time would free up energy caught in the realm of the ego. When the ego quiets and free flowing creativity remains, 360 viewing and an expansive sense of possibility arises. I love what they shared with me and am so pleased to hear that they are processing in this way so eventually they can share it with other people in business and in life.