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Peace = Future. The Math is Easy.

karina diaz


September 21, 2010 marks the International Day of Peace. Peace Day provides individuals, organizations, and nations an opportunity to create acts of peace on one shared date. And while we at Peacekeeper devote our time and energy to peaceful living everyday of our lives, moments like this really bring this into focus on a much larger scale.

This resolution was established on September 21, 1981 and the first Day of Peace occurred in 1982. During the U.N. General Assembly, they concluded that “it would be appropriate to devote a specific time to concentrate the efforts of the United Nations and its Member States, as well as of the whole of mankind, to promoting the ideals peace and giving positive evidence of their commitment to Peace in all viable ways.”

In 2002, 20 years later September 21st became the official Day of Peace. This year is extra special, because it is also the International Year of Youth. Here in NYC, youth peace activists, youth religious and youth artists will meet in the Chapel of the Church Center at the United Nations at 2:00pm on Tuesday September 21st.

This year, the world’s largest anti-poverty campaign, Millennium Development Goals occurs on September 20-22, meaning the Day of Peace falls in the middle. The goals of the MDG are to slash poverty, hunger, disease, and maternal and child death by 2015.

The UN website states that “Peace enables development, which is critical in providing opportunities for young people,” and therefore, youth, peace, and development are closely interlinked. The Security-General believes that it is the potential of our youth that will have these goals met.

Because of the summit; however, the International Day of Peace will be observed this Friday September 17, 2010 on UN Headquarters, but will be observed on the 21st outside of Headquarters. The schedule begins at 8:45am with the Peace Bell Ceremony in the Rose Garden and then there will be a student conference from 9:30am-12:30pm. These events are not open to the public but will be broadcastedhere.

To find out what other countries around the world are doing for Peace Day, click here. And if you are in the City, swing by the Bandshell in Central Park between 9am-6:00pm on Sunday September 19, 2010 for a VIGIL to “awaken humanity to harmony and peace through the power of intent and celebration and heal and bridge our lives and communities in order to achieve divinity alignment and recognize the oneness in all.” Tell us what you are going to do for the International Day of Peace!