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A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 9 - Agendas

Jody Weiss

What would it feel like to walk into a meeting and not have any attachment as to whether your point was heard, understood or acted upon? Not great, right? Then again, what would it feel like if you cared but didn't care about the outcome all at the same time? After all, will any detail of your job be remembered in 20 years? Is any particular detail worth getting stressed over? This is, therefore, what I called the "Paradox Play"; it is a place of viewing the world and all interactions in it as extremely important and then simultaneously not important at all, all at the same time. You may find that living in this way, where you are not really attached to your agendas while still trying to implement them, will free you up and give you the insight to find humor in more situations. After all, do all of these to-do lists really matter in the long run? What matters is our journey along the way!