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A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 2 - Liquid World

Jody Weiss

As I woke out of sleep this morning, before moving too much, I observed my environment. Could I view this day in a different way? Could I soften my view so things would appear less solid, less rigid, and less separate? I thought about a meditation I was taught by the non-dual teacher Rupert Spira. He showed me how to observe all of reality from the perspective of one living cell. This cell, of course, has no past or future memory. It is just pure awareness and can move between all of matter because, well, it is a cell. And, in this exploration, Rupert asked me if as this cell, could I find an "edge" to anything? Could I, as a conscious, aware cell, moving through space bump up against anything? Therefore, as I lay here waking up out of my sleep, I can feel my cellular body (with a trillion + cells) laying on a cellular bed with cellular sheets with the understanding that it is all cells touching cells. I look out and see a cellular world with the space between me and other objects as a billion trillion cells and I begin to get a sense of what my day will be like… I am going swimming today in a sea of magnificent, pearlescent cells everywhere!