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Peacekeeper Kiss of Approval – Eco-designer Auralís

karina diaz


Auralís  Herrero Lugo's line Auralís comes out of Brooklyn, NY and is based in New York City and Puerto Rico. Pouring all of her creativity into this line, she is looking to rescue old artisanal and eco-conscious Puerto Rican crafts, along with making beautiful clothing. She divides her time between both places, making a family out of the community of workers on the collection.

Auralís creates timeless pieces for the modern woman full of eco-consciousness and a passion for beauty. She “designs for a better future, one garment at a time.” Using organic, sustainable, natural, or recycled fabrics like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton Auralís is changing the world for the better and keeping men and women feeling great about the choices they make and the clothing they wear.

We are so happy to be a sponsor of Auralís, with all of their beautiful dresses and skirts, shirts, and jumpers. Her pieces were inspired by her childhood, and as such, have a breezy summer nights feel. Modern, flirty clothing that treads lightly on the environment, while helping to build bridges and create community, Auralís is the kind of collection Peacekeeper likes to be front row and center for. My favorite piece from the Spring 2011 line is this flowy, yellow dress that has just the right about of romantic dreaminess mixed with sex appeal. I love the subtle hints of sexy with the surprising slit in the front and the openness of the back. Simply stunning!