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karina diaz


Back in July, Peacekeeper gave the Kiss of Approval to Article 22 and their Peace Bomb Bracelets.  We really believe in what they are doing and the creative way they transform the metal into something beautiful!

Now, Article 22, founded by Elizabeth and Wallis Suda, has teamed up with filmmaker Sam Rowland to create a series of short travelogue films and photographs capturing the Peace Bomb journey in early November 2010.

When the project is completed, these films will be displayed on the Facebook pages of both Article 22 and BigBalls Films (Rowland’s production company), and a short film condensing all the documentary footage will be entered into international film festivals.  The goal, as stated on Article 22’s Kickstarter page, is “to raise awareness of the project while demonstrating how collaboration between media, designers, non-governmental organizations and traditional communities in developing countries can pave a path toward sustainable socio-economic development.”


Above: two Laotian metalsmiths, creators of the Peace Bomb Bracelet molds.

In order to make this possible, Article 22 needs to raise $7000 by October 31.  The money will pay for the expenses for the three to travel to Laos and stay for seven days in the beginning of November. Timing is key in this project; the Suda sisters need to arrive in Laos in time for the Convention on Cluster Munitions, as the films will include footage of village artisans attempting to ban munitions with long-lasting consequences for small communities (e.g. shrapnel remnants, chemical leftovers, and the like).

Beginning with items like spoons and moving to jewelry like bracelets, Article 22 is here to give back to the communities of Laos by using bracelets made from bombs. They are taking the damage caused to the community and giving back. Help support Article 22’s journey and help the communities of Laos by visiting their Kickstarter and pledging as much as you can afford!  Even a dollar helps.

ALSO: don’t forget to Like this journal entry on Facebook or Retweet (at the top of the blog entry).  The more people who donate, the quicker Article 22 can help the people of Laos!

With Love,

The PeaceKeeper Team

(Writer:  Renee Estey.  Editor:  Jessica Smith.  Pictures courtesy Article 22.)