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Shabd Simon-Alexander: Forward-Thinking Fashion, Steeped In Tradition

karina diaz


The latest in our lineup of fabulous eco-fashion, Shabd Simon-Alexander’s artful minimalism is all about the union of opposites.  Her Fall 2010 line is inspired by both the natural (mountains) and the man-made (skyscrapers).  The seasonless combo of metal, rock, and glass, together with the bright, reflective, winter colors, brings the power of nature to the excitement of urbanity.

Each piece is made by hand (either by Simon-Alexander or purchased from Peru, Thailand, or China) from natural fabrics using ethically sound labor practices.
Her pieces are fashion-forward to be sure, but Simon-Alexander makes sure that each of her dresses are steeped in history.  She approaches her fashion from the traditional aesthetics of quilt making and folk costuming, beginning each dress with the remnants of the last.  Like a family that can trace its origins back through the centuries, this process ensures a history and depth to her clothing that separately crafted pieces can’t attain.


 Her line is also marked by an experimental approach to dyeing and painting.  “I’m not even sure which came first,” she claims, “the clothes or the inspiration”.  She works primarily in Shibori, an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that involves binding, stitching, folding, or twisting the cloth to achieve the desired colors and patterns.


You can see more of Shabd Simon-Alexander’s Fall 2010 line at Treehugger!  For an exploration of her history as a designer–as well as her awesome artwork–check out her website at

With Love,

The PeaceKeeper Team

(Writer:  Renee Estey.  Editor:  Jessica Smith.  All pictures