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A.D.O. Clothing: Healing the Body, Healing the World

karina diaz


As you probably all know by now, we here at PeaceKeeper LOVE our sustainable fashion.  So chic, and so so so good for the environment—what could be better?

Designer Anjelika Krishna and her company A.D.O (Anjelika. Dreams. Organic.)have taken sustainable fashion to the next level—clothing that not only helps the environment, but actually heals the person wearing it!

Krishna, a New Delhi native and New Jersey resident, follows the tradition of “Ayur-Vastra”—meaning “life or health clothing”—in the creation of her sustainable fashion.  Her gorgeous designs are woven from 100% organic cotton, every strand of which is infused with hand-picked natural herbs such as eucalyptus, sandalwood, pomegranate seeds, lemon, and basil.   These “herbal dyes” are said to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and provide a general sense of well-being.


Better yet, A.D.O.’s manufacturing process is completely sustainable!  Since the dyes are made from hand-picked vegetables, they don’t pose the same health hazards of other colored dyes; furthermore, since all water waste contains no harmful synthetic chemicals, the company uses their leftover water for plant fertilization!

You can find out more about Anjelika Krishna and A.D.O. Clothing at the company’s website  (   Check their store locationsto find the boutique nearest you!

With Love,

The PeaceKeeper Team

(Writer: Renee Estey.  Editors:  Jessica Smith and Eva Kuhn.  Pictures courtesyA.D.O. Clothing and