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​ PeaceKeeper Kiss Of Approval: Prada’s “Made In” Collection

karina diaz

November 17th, 2010


This week, we’re giving the PeaceKeeper Kiss Of Approval to Prada for their new “Made In” series! The luxury brand has created four capsule collections from four different cultures, teaming up with their native producers and using their regional skills, materials, and techniques–luxury items made by locally sourced artisans. It is a statement against ‘fast, mass-produced, globalized fashion’.

Scroll down for a preview of each collection!



Prada Made in Scotland is a collection of tartan wool kilts from United Kingdom workshops. The kilts are made from traditional manufacturing and weaving techniques.



Prada Made in India features gorgeous handmade shoes and handbags (pictured above) crafted in Chikan workshops in India (Chikan is the most ancient Indian embroidery).


Prada Made in Japan features premium denim produced by Dova, a leading denim manufacturer. The jeans have four varieties of cloth and seven washes and can be custom ordered.  (P.S.  If the insides of the jeans look this cute–check out those embroidered pockets–we can only imagine how cute the outsides will be!)


Prada Made in Peru uses Alpaca wool knitwear from traditional workshops in Peru.

The collection has been slowly but surely making its way into Prada boutiques, and is scheduled to officially launch in 2011.  We at PeaceKeeper think this collection is so cute that we want to take a stroll around the style globe ourselves!  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!

With Love,

The PeaceKeeper Team

(Writer:  Renee Estey.  Editor:  Jessica Smith.  Pictures courtesy Fabsugar.