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Jody - CEO


Jody is a practitioner of yoga, and has dedicated her life to promoting peace in the world and in her personal life.  As a child, Jody found herself searching for something more- not the peace her activist parents fought which pitted the "good side" against the "bad side"; in her gut, she felt that as long as there are sides, there can be no peace.   Jody decided that she wanted to take madison avenue dollars to teach about and enable real collaborative giving and to foster discussion and awareness of real urgent human rights issues affecting women and propagating violence in all parts of the world. 

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Lucy- Director of Human Resources

Lucy is our Director of Human Resources because she helps us humans so much. Some of Jody's endearments for her include:

Dinglemeister-of-love, Boo-Boo, I-Love-Da-Belly, Slime-Face, The Butt, Biggie-Little, Wookie, Quick-Butt Mc Draw, Gee-Gee, Lima Bean, Ice Cream-Candy-Pie Girl, T-T, Goose, Dee-Dee, Snee-Knee, Dally-Diddle, Stinky-Doodle, Bed-Head, Chick-Pee, Smoo-Moo... You get the picture. Here is a picture of Lucy working ha